Joint Statement for May Day

No Ban. No Wall.  No ICE.

On May Day 2017 we will strike from work, we will walk out of classes, we will shut our stores, we will not buy anything: instead, we will march, rally, boycott, and make our voices heard to say that we’ve had enough.

We are a coalition of grassroots organizations, pledging to use the power of solidarity to stop Trump and everything he represents.  We come together with the understanding that our exploitation as waged and unwaged workers has a common cause and our oppressions as people of color and immigrants are connected by threads of sexism, racism, anti-blackness, militarism, environmental depredation, homophobia and transphobia.  The violence of ICE against immigrants is part of the systemic police violence against Black people, Latinx and Native Americans, and the mass incarceration of people of color. Sexist and racist violence oppresses and humiliates women of color, including Native women and immigrant women, every day of our lives.

Trump wants to build walls, ban Muslim people and refugees, while at the same time he is bombing Syria and supporting the dictatorships and oppressive regimes that produce millions of refugees and migrants. It is time to unmask this hypocrisy. To those who say immigrants have no right to be here, we say that we have fled countries that were bombed, occupied and impoverished by the US imperialism and the brutal governments they imposed or supported. On May Day we strike to reclaim the wealth we immigrants helped produce and to establish our right to be here.

We are the workers that grow, harvest, transport, process, cook and serve the food you eat, yet we are paid the lowest wages. On May Day we strike for our fair share of the wealth we create.

We are aware that none of these problems have started with the current administration: we have been deported, exploited, dispossessed, imprisoned, raped, and harassed for years, under both Democratic and Republican administrations. This is why it is time to fight back for our rights, to protect our lives and our future, and to reclaim the wealth we have produced.

We are the 99 per cent: let’s show them our power.

Solidarity is our weapon!

Signatory Organizations:

Movimiento Cosecha
NARAL Pro-Choice America
Food Chain Workers Alliance
DSA, Albany
National Women’s Liberation