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We need a feminism for the 99%. That’s why women will strike this year



Women across the globe are planning to strike on March 8. Here’s why.

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Selected Media Coverage

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Mic – “Women’s Strike NYC March Route: Here’s the Significance of Every Stop”

Mic – New York City’s Women Spent International WOmen’s Day On Strike, In the Street”

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Public Seminar (series)

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In These Times “The March 8 Strike Is About Building Feminism for the 99%”

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Inquisitr– – “International Women’s Strike Could Be Next Major Anti-Trump Event”

Gainesville Sun – “The International Women’s Strike goes local”

The Alt – “This is the Women’s movement for the 99%”

News10 Albany – “Local rally held for International Women’s Day”

Huffington Post – “Zionism, the Nakba and Feminism”